The fear of rejection

Fresh start…

Who am I?

It seems like a pretty easy question to answer, however, it’s actually hard to give a solid response when God is still working on you.  I mean I could throw the typical introduction such as my name, my age, my date of birth and some interests and hobbies which, makes it easy for you to know me a bit.  But honestly speaking who cares?  I’m more interested in getting you to think and read about things that our hearts find difficult to accept.  A very wise friend of mine, blew my mind away when she said, ” sometimes we judge people based on how we perceive them, but if they can’t put a face to your words, than they are more likely to be open to hear whatever it is you have to say”. This might sound like an “everyday advice” but this advice was the final straw that really triggered me to put this blog together. What I will leave with you to satisfy the urge of the unknown is, I am a child of God ready and excited to discuss the missing pieces of our broken world. I hope the topics that I find inspirational, may also encourage you, help you grow and enhance the inner being in you.


For the past 3 years, the desire to start a blog has been pondering on my heart. There has been a constant drive to write and share my thoughts, my desires, my ideas and simply put, some good ol’ advice for the souls out there that can relate to me. So one might ask, what took you so long to finally get this blog started?  Well, there is one thing that I am pretty sure you and I both have in common, that is, the fear of rejection.


My doubts of whether or not people would find me interesting, honest or intriguing weighed a lot more than, what God has laid on my heart to share with others. I realized that all this while, I cared too much about the reaction of man, rather than what God has instilled in me. I was too afraid to write about anything that might offend someone or that might cause someone to point out a flaw in me. And so there I was, reading all these flawed inspirational blogs that people were being bold enough to share meanwhile, I was too busy belittling my faith and belittling the person that is reflected in me, which is God. So I said to myself “you know what, what is the worse thing that can really happen?” … Nothing. In today’s day and age freedom of speech still exist, so I might as well take advantage of shedding some light in the dark areas of our lives while I can. Hard truth #1: People will always have something to say about you, whether it is something positive or negative. Therefore,  is there something you’ve longed to accomplish, but the fear of rejection has kept you under the rock? Why do we allow the fear of rejection to interject our lives? It is now that I have come to accept that the only one thing that truly matters is discovering my divine purpose. In addition, we should be challenged to observe our environments, analyze and critique about some of the avenues in life that keep us caged as we walk by the faces of the earth. The mission of this blog is to touch upon the social, economical, psychological and spiritual aspects that affect and impact our lives. From time to time, I will also be sharing some remedies and products I use to enjoy a simple life. But as you go on this journey with me, your feedback, your thoughts and your advice can be absolutely powerful, encouraging and influential to not only myself but to anyone else who will be reading this blog.

Ladies and gents, I know we probably don’t like to hear this, but we need the      hard       truth. Rejecting the truths of our circumstances, our problems and our struggles have been exhausting and we need words that will infuse transformation.  But of course, in every bad news there is good news; faith in God makes the equation of life much better.  I pray that even as you dig into my thoughts, may you be inspired by my weaknesses which, God miraculously uses and turns them into strengths.  I am so grateful that He has embedded the courage in me to take the first step as we raise the curtain to see what He has inspirited in me to share with you.

Remember:  Hard truth #1: People will always have something to say about you, whether it is positive or negative, aim to stay true to yourself.

Love ya loads,

A growing soul






4 thoughts on “The fear of rejection”

  1. Wow Anita my heart is overwhelmed with Joy for you. I’m so glad you took the leap of faith because it’s never an easy thing to put yourself out there. I pray that God will continue to equip you with all the wisdom you need. If you ever need words of encouragement don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Love you and cheers to a new chapter in your life❤️🎉. Your fellow blogging sista in class #distantdisciples

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  2. I love your writing and reflection because it’s easy to read. I can’t wait to see more from you. We all definitely deal with what is called the “pleasing disease”. But the problem nowadays is that everyone’s desperately trying to fit in forgetting that as children of God comprising isn’t an option! When we compromise we lose direction and eventually lose ourselves. Thanks sister! Keep going!👏👏👼❤❤❤.

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  3. The blog lover in me is sooo excited for this. Its refreshing and exciting to have a mind that will probe more than the superficial, who is willing to expand and explore their worldview not for credits or accolade but just be a better them and inspire others around them to do the same! Anticipating the next post so proud of you!!


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