Who cares about Easter?

Easter is one of the most powerful celebrations that remind me of the sole purpose of why I am alive. I live because I am forgiven, I live because I am loved, and I live because I am transformed by the power of the good news. This week, my goal is to meditate and ponder on the scripture Luke 24:13-35, which I encourage all my readers to find the time to read this passage so that you may have a deeper and clearer understanding of this post.

Since I was raised in a Christian environment, I’ve always heard and learned about the crucial death of a man named Jesus Christ that happened 2000 plus years ago. To be honest, I didn’t really care at the time because I never understood the significance of his death. I never saw the ‘shining light’ as I was learning about who this man was.  I always thought he was just a good man that did good things. But I never believed in the fact that he died for me since I never met him nor did I actually know him. I thought it was just one of those magical stories that we hear in fairytales. I also felt that the story of Christ was shoved down my throat, especially in Sunday school. All that I knew was that, Easter was a time to collect my favorite chocolate eggs and enjoy the company of my family and friends. If you are like me, you are probably thinking, there is nothing wrong with how I used to view Easter. However, as a Christian (a person who acknowledges their sins and believes that God sacrificed his son so that we may live eternally) to still think that Easter is a time of chocolate eggs and bunnies, then I would like to sting you a little with some words of truth. Easter is a daily celebration of what God has done for us, that no other person or other “Gods” have done or has been able to do in the history of mankind.

I know historically, the Babylonians’ introduced crucifixion to punish those who were thieves, rebellions and murders, and it was passed down to other cultures and religions. But crucifixion was not used to make a sacrifice; people of those days were being punished for their wrong doings. Before God even made his sacrifice, there were already many signs and messages from men of God that would profess that there would be a Messiah who would come and die not only for the people in Jerusalem, but for all those who believe in Him. Now, before I came to truly understand in the sacrifice God made for me on that cross, I was just like “come on, this is not realistic, Jesus Christ, raised as a Jew, suddenly appeared in a Virgin’s womb, was conceived and later grew up to perform miracles for many people and then he was  found guilty of claiming to be the Messiah/ King of the Jews. His own people voted to have him killed because they accused him for lying about who he was, and because of that he somehow managed to die for the rest of us”. For me, I was thinking, “how can someone I have never met, come from the sky and claim to die for not only his people but for me as well?” It was really hard and challenging for me to grasp. But one day as I was sitting down at a Christian conference, faith finally kicked in after 15 to 20 years of hearing the same message (especially during Easter), suddenly it all made sense! lol

I had been asking myself many questions such as “how do I forgive, when I am not forgiven? How do I love, when I do not feel loved? How do I live, when I do not understand or know my own purpose?” These questions and many more filled my mind daily as I was struggling with my faith and beliefs, but when I finally took just one small step of faith to listen to the gospel, that was the moment I accepted the gospel. I believe that God chose that moment to work on my heart. There was something I was longing for, for so long to fill in the void I had. I was looking for acceptance, when I was rejected, I was looking for love, when I was rejected, I was looking for joy, when I was rejected and I am sure you get the gist lol. The point was I was searching vigorously and not finding that particular truth, which kept me unsatisfied. All the “fill-ins” that I found myself involved in were temporary, and that later caused me to be broken and stagnant as situations in my life were not getting better, on top of that I was nowhere near making wise choices. As I took a leap of faith, one thing that really resided with me was if I was able to trust people very easily even when they could or will fail me, what are the chances of Him disappointing me? None.


As human beings, we believe in things we can see, or things we have evidence of because that is how we make sense of things. Everybody wants facts with proof, at least that is how I think. And so here we have a story of God permitting his son to conclude this corrupted lifestyle that we continuously find ourselves in. We longer don’t have to go the extra mile of sacrificing animals or asking priests to pray for us that we may be forgiven for our transgressions. We have the direct link to God because of what Jesus Christ has done 2000 plus years ago. This was done for you and I so that we may actually know that scriptures have been fulfilled, that we are forgiven and loved, whether we believe it or not. It has happened. And thank God for the bible that this is our truthful source of evidence that for those who believe in Him, will not perish but have everlasting life  (John 3:16).

It is definitely a lot to take in, and I know of many Christians who believe in portions of the bible or in the story of Christ. I am very aware that I do not have power over what people choose to believe in. However, I’d really like to challenge you, (whether you are a believer or a non-believer) to read Luke 24:13-35. There were two men who are like many of us, where Christ availed himself to them, and they did not recognize him because they did not believe that it was Him. Just like when I was struggling to believe in such a mind- blowing story for many years, I have always heard of him, but I did not recognize him, until he opened my eyes (Luke 24:35-37). It’s celebrations like Easter, which remind us of why we even live, of why we even love and most importantly why we have been forgiven.

I know all this might sound preachy to those that are not used to seeing this topic in my blogs. Moreover, I believe that this was what the Spirit of God has laid on my heart this morning and as much as we enjoy keeping up with the trends, discussing the challenges in life or relationships, there is more to life than just these. There is the truth of the gospel and the true meaning of Easter. I hope and I pray that just as I am challenged to continuously depend on God’s word to be my advocate, my eye-opener, my teacher and my guidance counselor in life, may this post also encourage you to find truth in Him. As unfaithful and inconsistent as I am in my relationship with God, I know that when celebrations like Easter come around, I look forward to the reminders of why it so important to believe in God’s truth. And I hope that I will not only wait for celebrations such as Easter and Christmas to be reminded of his unfailing love, but I pray that it sticks with me daily as well, so that I may continue to grow in my walk with God.

Continue to pray for me y’all,


A repented soul

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