I’m back and I’m better!

Let me start off by telling y’all that depending on technology will be the death of humanity! My computer has been acting up for the past month and a half, and for that reason I have been unable to post, blog and update y’all with some exciting and difficult adventures that has transpired for the past couple of months. This post will be fun, because I have some of my favourite pictures I just had to share with y’all (Although I am long overdue). As mentioned in my August post, I had promised to share some fun pics from my photoshoot for my 26th birthday.

After a while, it’s hard to figure out how you should celebrate your birthday. Since I am a very sentimental individual, I enjoy planning the most simplest, cost efficient, yet fun ways of celebrating life. With that being said, this year I decided to have a photoshoot with some of my dearest and closest friends. I picture myself looking back at my pictures a few years down the line, reminiscing on some of the most treasured moments in my life and that includes birthdays. This year was a very special birthday because I really got the chance to look back and see my growth (It’s a gradual process). My only hope and desire is that I keep moving forward and not backwards, even if it means messing up so many times just so that I can do and be better and better.

The hardest part of this photoshoot was choosing the best ones to edit because I loved almost all of them and I took over 200 hundred pictures lol ( I know that’s crazy) but I would be pretty selfish if I didn’t have y’all take a peek and enjoy some of the pictures the way I did! So take your time and embrace the different shades of my sisters (whom I love so dearly) and be inspired! Please don’t hesitate to share in the comments below : What are some the activities or things that you’ve done to celebrate your birthday?

Happy preein’ lol

Mannnnnn, am I imperfect, God has definitely picked me up from nothing and made me out of something, I will forever be in awe of Him. It’s only by his grace, I am so excited to see what 26 has to offer.

img_2065S/o to @olakreativedesign for the amazing props she made for me. Her props definitely gave my photoshoot a pop of fun and sexiness❤ Check out more of her work on insta!

Pants: Made in Ghana
Top: Stitches/ Sirens (Can’t remember)
Make-up done: @AfiaBeauty
Hair: @Jillian’s vision

Dress: Misguided
A historical moment in today’s day and age.
& sometimes we can’t help but show our inner craziness (shhh, don’t act like you ain’t crazy too lol)
“A team that stays together, slays together !” We believe in our blackness, regardless of the barriers that we are forced to fight against everyday. #Findyouagoodteam #lovemyteam


Lol, this picture makes me laugh, every time I see it. (It was hard to capture, but my awesome photographer caught it)
This girl right here is my music producer cause we are always making up songs that make no sense and giving people any sort of nicknames that suit our interest LOL. We share that sociological eye and we have that ” let’s talk about anything random” type of friendship LOL. She is my partner in crime, especially when I’m in trouble ! I can confidently say she has my back even when I don’t deserve it! Gone are the days when I would stock her because of her long hair that I envied lol God knew we needed to be friends girl, you bring excitement to my life LOL
This sissy of mineee, always keeps it classy! It is so hard for us to disagree on things because we share the same vision lol. Her determination keeps me motivated! We can laugh about anything, get upset about the little things, and we push each other to keep moving forward, even when the world is tryna pull us down. Your consistency is inevitable and unquestionable. Thank you for putting up with me for 14 years? daaaaamn lol Love yaaaa
The sister I always wanted (makes perfect sense why I am the only girl amongst my 3 brothers) lol Her upfront words make it so hard for me to question her loyalty. She is hilaaaaarious! LOL She brings the kid at heart out of me. She is my confidant, my spiritual counsellor and a definition of the sister I’ve always wanted/needed
From our nerdy days, to our rebellious days! She sees right through me. No-one “smizes” better than her lol. She is my Yang because she always knows just what to say; she finishes my sentences with ease, she can discern the uncertainty of people, which has helped me a lot in life. She listens, she understands, she gets me and that’s why it’s hard to tear us apart.
She is one of the most hard-working females I know! This girl never stops grinding, she is literally always on the go. Our artistic minds stay soaring together on eagle wings. We definitely know how to balance each other out, because when I’m down she lifts me up and when she’s down I provide her with the dumbest jokes, which she obviously can’t resist, so she dies of laughter until heart falls out lol!
My role model, my financial assistant, my loyal and committed friend. She ALWAYS has my back. Her physical beauty does not do justice of how amazing she is. I am so blessed and fortunate to claim such a friend who is beautiful inside and out. Our random musical sessions of  anything and everything keeps us goofy, strong and connected whether far or near. Our friendship is solid girl, I admire you.

A huge thank you to my sweet brother, who took the time out of his busy day, to make my day feel extra special. God bless his heart. For more of his work, visit @camultimedia on Instagram.

Thanks for checking out my post! I hope you enjoyed it. Toodles, gurlies & fellas

Until next time, img_2036

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