A new season!

The struggle of picking up my computer to blog has been real and is still real. There are times where my mind is ready to tackle and discuss personal difficulties and the progessive moments in my life. And then there are other times the fear and riducles of men await me at the door. Nonetheless, God continues to remind me through his word, through my friends and my accountability partner, that God is the main focus. If I fall, I can get back up because of His grace and his sovereignty. When I succeed, it is because he has called me his own and because he has favored me. And when I need to be checked, he does it in the most loving yet critical way that it compels me to grow DAY BY DAY. Overall, I am thankful and greatful for a new season and a new year.


Simply put, I hope to be consistent and share with all of you the different struggles yet beautiful moments in my life and my walk with Christ. I am also interested to continue to discuss the hard truths of what is hushed in the church and in our walk with God. Lastly, I am excited to meet and share some real life experiences with some amazing talented, skilled individuals within the Christian community who are out there making a difference. With all this being said,  I hope that by the end of this year I increase in wisdom and that whatever I write on this blog will encourage someone to push forward and not give up, even if you are not receiving the support you expect to receive. My motto for this year, is “only you can show yourself how hungry you are” If you don’t, no one else will. So even as 2017 opens its doors for new opportunties, some may shut, but others will open; I am encouraging all my readers to challenge yourself in a way that you never thought you could be challenged.


  1. Remember that there can only be one of you, so allow yourself to discover who you truly are, and be good at it!
  2. Depend on your Lord and Personal Savior and he will direct your path, even when it seems like you are far away from him and your calling.
  3. Make room for yourself to mess up, but do not waddle in your mistakes for too long, for God is stretching out his hand for you to hold on to and start again.
  4. Time is expensive, so spend it wisely.
  5. Laugh more, complain less and you will appreciate the little things that someone else is wishing for.

This month’s scripture I am pressing on is found in Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

I hope this sheds a lil’ light on ya! Love y’all


A reawakened woman


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